Patient Rewards

The purpose of our Coin Reward Program is to encourage you to take responsibility for the orthodontic treatment that has been provided for you. As an incentive to maintain good oral hygiene with exceptional brushing habits, and to have routine dental exams and cleanings with your general dentist, we will reward you with our Bell Bucks Coins that you may cash in for prizes during orthodontic treatment. We hope this program will assist in providing clean and healthy teeth at the completion of your orthodontic treatment.

You can earn ONE coin if EACH category below is achieved at your orthodontic appointment:

Good Oral Hygiene (this is a requirement for ANY number of tokens)

  • Patient must display healthy looking gums.
  • Patient should have fewer than three areas of plaque and no food in the braces.

Good Appliance Care and Cooperation

  • No loose brackets or appliances
  • No bent or broken wires
  • Cooperation with elastic wear

Not Missing Your Previous Appointment

  • And being on time for your appointment

You may earn EXTRA coins for:

  • A signed certificate by your general dentist at your routine cleaning (five coins)
  • Referring a patient/friend who must start full treatment (five coins)
* Patients must be in active treatment (not retainers) or in observation to earn tokens, and will only earn tokens for one appointment each month.

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