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3 Great Ways to Get Started

Complimentary Consultation with Orthodontist

Your consultation will be with Dr. Bell and one of our Treatment Coordinators. We will take complimentary diagnostic records that will be reviewed during the appointment. We’ll give specialized treatment options for your smile and recommend financial packages that work best for you.

Express Complimentary Consultation with a Clinical Treatment Expert

Available for adults age 18 and up: Your consultation will be with a Clinical Treatment Expert. They will take records for Dr. Bell to review and create a custom treatment plan. We will also recommend product options and financial packages. Dr. Bell will be consulted but may not be present during express consultations.

Complimentary Virtual Consultation

A convenient at-home option to help answer some common questions that we often receive:

  • Am I a candidate for Orthodontic treatment?
  • How long would treatment take?
  • What would treatment involve?
  • How much will treatment cost?

It’s easy; click on the link below, snap a few photos with your smartphone, and Dr. Bell will review your case and respond with a personalized orthodontic plan

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